Dudzevich Energy Consulting offers consulting services for renewable energy, photovoltaic, energy efficiency and electrical engineering

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Dudzevich Energy Consulting

Since 1992

Over the last 25 years, Dudzevich Energy Consulting has developed projects for automobile industries such as Renault and Volkswagen all over the Brazilian territory. In 2002, a new department focusing more on renewable energy (solar and wind) was launched, developing projects grid-tie and off-grid, as well as, offering electrical engineering consulting services.

In 2014, the founder Airton Dudzevich decided to move to Canada in order to expand his knowledge in his field. In the following year, he completed the Master of Engineering Leadership – Clean Energy from UBC.

As a tradition, Dudzevich Energy Consulting is always looking to be ahead on new solutions and is currently researching for storing energy through hydrogen.

Airton Dudzevich

M.A.Sc. Clean Energy UBC

Airton Dudzevich is the owner and director of Dudzevich Energy Consulting. Airton is a graduate of UBC’s Applied Science Program, attaining a Master of Engineering Leadership (MEL) Clean Energy Engineering.

Over the last 25 years he has been active in his field as an engineering consultant that offers high quality services in the solar power and sustainability sector. Since 1992 he has owned a successful consulting firm in Brazil that took part in complex projects, such as a Renault, Volkswagen, a shopping centre (Cantareira Norte Shopping), among others. Although he recently moved to Canada, he has already developed projects for an elementary school, the Richmond Hospital and he is currently working with a 20MW solar power plant in Cranbrook, BC.

Being an electrical engineering with a strong passion for sustainability and environmental projects, Airton has always developed the technical part of the project, being also involved on its implementation and supervision. It allows him to have a better picture from the beginning to the end, ensuring that his clients avoid any type of mistakes he has already faced in the past.

Services we offer

Grid Tie Systems

Off-grid systems

Hybrid systems

Energy Efficiency Reports

Manufacturing Inspections


Dudzevich Energy Consulting is committed on providing reliable solutions, renewable energy, photovoltaic systems and electrical engineering, based on our analytical thinking and multiple studies, ensuring your business will benefit the most from it. We are highly dedicated on developing alternatives that foster environmental improvements, in which efficiency and our engineering knowledge combine perfectly together.

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